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2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server during query


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Hey all. I need some help. Wondering if anyone else is dealing with this or has dealt with this situation...


I went away for the weekend and when I returned, parts of my site were not responding and still are not responding after 5 days, both in catalog and admin.


Most of the catalog side works fine like browsing products, searching, viewing product descriptions and so on. But things like shipping calculations and checkout are timing out and not responding.


And in the admin side, things like updating orders.php or loading edit_orders.php time out so I cant update any order status or adjust any orders.


Here is one of the Errors I am getting from edit_orders.php in admin side and my shipping module in the catalog side:


2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server during query


select countries_id, countries_name from countries order by countries_name





Basically parts of my database are not responding. Now I have not changed any site files or altered any database queries at all to make this happen. I checked all of my files for the dates at which they were last modified and nothing shows up changed. I checked my server_info.php file and it is a little strange that the date of the latest order placed on my site is right around the time the server was restarted. I have contacted my host and they basically refuse to participate in resolving the issue. Their customer support is being quite unhelpful and inconclusive.


Now I have also logged into PHPMyAdmin and ran the queries that end up not responding on the site and they execute fine and quickly in PHPMyAdmin. I am assuming then that my site is somehow losing the connection to the DB. But it is only on certain queries. The countries table doesnt respond in both the catalog and admin side when I try to select from the countries table. The DB also doesnt respond when I try to insert into the orders_status_history table.


Please help as my live site has been down for a while now and I am losing business every day!



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Have you tried to repair the database from phpmyadmin, or upload a back up to see if the problem continues?

Could also be a server issue, perhaps asking your hosts to reboot may help



Thanks for the post. I did try to repair. It said all was OK. I may try a backup, but it doesnt seem like that would do it to me. I will have to ask my host to reboot again as they are a pain in the but and dont seem to want to do anything :-)


Any other help would be much appreciated guys!




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