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1146 - Table '***.TABLE_COUNTER' doesn't exist


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I'm getting this error on all catalog pages on the bottom. I've done some searching and the common recommendation is to check the database_table.phps and make sure the tables exist in the db. Both do exist. I have noticed that when I click on the counter table in the db, there is an error message: No Index Defined. Is this the likely problem and how do I define them? (i say 'them' because i think counter_history may also be in play here as it also has the index defined message) Thanks in advance.


edit: 1146 - Table '***.TABLE_COUNTER' doesn't exist


select startdate, counter from TABLE_COUNTER (is the full error message)

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You only need these lines in /includes/database_tables.php


define('TABLE_COUNTER', 'counter');

define('TABLE_COUNTER_HISTORY', 'counter_history');


The table counter only has one line in it.

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thanks Geoffrey, but they're already in includes/database_tables.php (and spelled correctly too). Are you suggesting to see if they were put anywhere else by mistake? I just erased them from the admin/includes/database_tables.php, but that didn't do anything.

What is this function for, a hits counter or something?

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Really odd, I re-uploaded the includes/database_tables again, and this time the error went away. I swear I did that before at least a couple of times last night. Oh well, thanks!

(but if anyone can chime in with what the functions for, please do, as it got my curiosity)

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