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CCGV: deduct discount before tax?


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I'm using CCGV5.19 and trying to get it to play nice with tax (British VAT to be precise).


What I want to have is:


Sub-total (without tax)

Discount amount (without tax)

Shipping/delivery (without tax)


Total (which is the 4 rows above added together)


But what I currently have is:


Sub-total (without tax)

Discount amount (with tax)

Shipping/delivery (without tax)

Tax (before discount)

Total (including tax)


I've got "display prices with tax" and "include tax in calculation" set to 'on' in the admin. Changing "include tax in calculation" to off makes the total wrong but the tax amount is wrong in both cases because it is calculated before the discount. Legally in the UK the tax must be 17.5% of the total paid which means the discount must be applied to the sub-total first.


How can I get the tax to be calculated after the discount?

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Unfortunately we've already spent a long time getting CCGV working (and it is working) so we're not really in a position to change that back. It's just that switching on tax has created this problem.


I reckon I can trick the discount amount to be displayed without tax but I'm stumped when it comes to changing the tax amount.

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