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The e-commerce.

Taxes - fault in system?


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When I type in a price, I want it to display at THAT PRICE in the online store.


However it takes 10% off the price whatever I do.


I have deleted every single tax class and tax zone that can be deleted.

I have tried it as taxable items, non-taxable items, I have displayed items with tax and without tax in My Store, I have tried everything I can think of trying.


I've posted on this forum and got no replies.


My web designer is on holiday overseas and won't answer his phone.


Please! I need some help here!


Is there anybody I can phone for support?


Has my web designer installed it incorrectly? Do I have a faulty download?


Or is it something really obvious I've missed?


I'll send chocolates by express mail to anybody who can help me!

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If it is giving you a 10% discount what makes you think it is a tax. Taxes would add.


You have specials set to 10% go to admin>catalog>specials and remove all products added to specials.


you can PM me for chocolate shipping address. :D

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