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Tax zones & list price difficulties


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I'm new to oscommerce and one thing's standing between me and getting going! It's probably really simple but I can't fix it from the instruction manual.


In Australia you don't have to charge the goods and services tax at all if you're trading under $75 thou, so at this stage I want to list items at $12.95 which will be $12.95 to the customer, to me, to everybody - no tax anywhere!


However my listings, when they go online, show a price 10% lower than the one I've entered when listing.


Under "my store" I've tried setting "display prices with tax" to both "true" and "false".


I've put all the taxes to zero in the "Taxes" department.


I've switched "taxable goods" on and off in the product listing screen.


And still it goes online at a lower price!


What am I doing wrong? I'd be really grateful for some help!

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