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The e-commerce.

State dropdown problem


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Hey guys,


In oscommerce if somebody creates an account and messes up anywhere on the account creation, the state field turns into a dropdown. This is fine however, the state defaults to Alabama. What this means is if Bob creates an account and messes up his email, then fixes his email, he might not notice his state that WAS New York is now Alabama and then he places an order.


I was wondering how I could fix this? How would I make it so that the state defaults to whatever state they previously had (best case scenario) or at worst just make it a blank state maybe erroring. I am no PHP/HTML/Javascript noob I just do not have the time to figure this one out (I do not do a lot of oscommerce projects, this is for a relative).


He might not have the most updated version, but I am pretty sure he does. If not, would this fix it? And is updating oscommerce easy (as in, will all the products orders etc. still be there?)?


Thank you

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Hi there, I am having the same problem and was hoping to find an answer here.


I did find this


If you go down to bug fixes, you will find a reference to it.


What I can't understand is that whatever the bug is, it can't be universal, so why is it happening? This is the valid question.


I will research and let you know if I find anything.



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