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The e-commerce.

my store doesn't do international shipping, please help


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hi guys,


i plan not to do international shipping. how can i block users?


if i don't "install" any international shipping module, users are still able to go to the checkout_shipping page, but only to find that no shipping modules available.


can i put any error message if there are no available modules?



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What I did (as we only ship to certain countries) is


1) Made sure, on my shipping page, that it was very clear where we shipped to


2) Installed this contribution, which allows to to enable/disable countries allowed to be selected in the create account/address boxes

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thanks for the reply.


and thanks for the idea.


but what if someone who is staying somewhere else (countries not in my database) who wants to purchase something from my store but wants to ship out to my local country as a gift?


in that case, he is forced to register with a "false" address or that person will have to enter the "shipping address" of the local address.


well, anyway, i guess so far this is the best solution, unless there is another better solution, something to block the shipping destination with a warning or error message.

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