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OSCommerce & MySQL - Lost the Plot Somehow


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Hello Folks


As a semi-computer-literate sort of a guy, I need some help:


We have set up our website (I can find my way around HTML coding reasonably well using DreamWeaver and I have a basic - very basic - understanding of how .php works, but I certainly wouldn't describe myself as an expert). I want to use my host's MySQL for my database, OSCommerce for my shopping cart and PayPal Website Payment PRO to collect my money.


We are only talking about a few hard products - perhaps no more than 100 total including variations in size, colour, etc; and we are only shipping throughout the UK and EU. This should not be too complicated.


So, I downloaded a 114 page manual on OSCommerce and a 47 page manual on MySQL (I have also purchased and read some of SQL for Dummies). I have also gone through a few online tutorials for OSC and MySQL. My OSCommerce package is sitting on my hard drive, ready to be uploaded to my site.


I think I understand how to go into my website control panel and name my database. I think I can upload and configure my shopping cart. I am registered with PayPal for Payments PRO.


Now I'm stuck. Nothing in my reading tells me: (1) where and how I enter individual product information so that when my customer clicks my Add to Cart button the right things happen to put this specific item in the cart and (2) when my customer has made a purchase, where and how his or her Ship to information comes back to me, first so I can ship the product and second, how I configure my database so individual customer information is stored so I can use it for further correspondence, new product offers (for those who have opted in, naturally), etc.


Surely there are tutorials out there, either printable or downloadable, to help me with this (I'm not looking for a detailed answer here on the forum, althought that would be nice).


Can somebody please point me in the right direction?


Remember, sometimes the only difference between genius and lunacy is a matter of timing. :huh:


Thanks in advance.


Warmest regards and best wishes,


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Step one would be install osC on your site & start playing, if you've not found it, docs are here http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/osCommerce



Remember, What you think I ment may not be what I thought I ment when I said it.




Auto Backup your Database, Easy way


Multi Images with Fancy Pop-ups, Easy way


Products in columns with multi buy etc etc


Disable any Category or Product, Easy way


Secure & Improve your account pages et al.

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