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Help with Image downloading...


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Wow, Looks like OSC has really gotten big now! I just installed a new version and there is alot of new stuff! Very cool!


Anyways - I have a new client who will be selling "Photo Restoration". My question to you folks is this. How do I prompt the user to "Upload or Send via snail mail" there old photo's. Once the old photo's have been received I would like to change the status to "Processing". If they uploaded the photo's this should change automatically. If the send snail mail then th owner will change the status manually.


OK - Once the restoration has been made. We would like to change the status to allow the customer to "download" their finished photo. I know their used to be a "downloadable" product type but I didnt see that with the new install. (I may have just missed it tho).


Thanks in advance for any help ya'll can provide..





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Jerry - please don't bump; you'll get your post deleted, as per teh forum rules.


I'm not aware of any contribution that allows this. However, I do admit to being a bit of a novice with the huge volume of contributions that are available.


Try a search using "+" to match words:


+download +status +allow +product


for example...

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Yeah - sorry about the bumping of the thread. I forgot about that rule. Im not a repeat offender I swear! lol


Anyways thanks for the suggestion. I will try hunting down more contributions. I guess I really just need to familiarize myself with the "download" option in OSC out of the box. The directions are not very clear with how it handles the actual data thats to be downloaded. If I can figure that out I can just change the filename over to a variable that will be set by the owner when he uploads the file. Not sure how OSC secures a digital file untill it is paid for. I know its possible because I have PAID for a contribution to use QuickBooks and it was on an OSC site. I paid for it with paypal and then OSC gave me the digital file via a link I think...

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Maybe I am just blind but can anyone provide detailed instructions on how to use the "download" function of OSCommerce?

OK. Here you go:




Hope you find it helpful,

Bill Kellum


Sounds Good Productions

STS Tutorials & more: STSv4.6, STS Add-ons (STS Power Pack), STS V4 Forum STS Forum FREE TEMPLATE

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Awesome! I really appreciate the response Bill. Looks like I will be adding on the Super Download Shop contribution as well to secure things up a little better as I was able to download after selecting ?Check as a payment method. I was instantly allowed to download a file I have no intensions on sending a check for! HA..


Anyways - Behind the scenes is it just moving the ZIP file from the downloads directory to the pub directory? if so is ANYONE allowed to download the file or just the "Logged" in purchaser?


Thanks again..

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Just answered my owne question on that one. I made a purchase and try to go to the pub or download directory and there wasnt anything there. So Anyways - I think i have this work flow sorted out. Since each customer will have a unique order I will make a product that will serve as the initial downpayment on the photo restoration. Once the restoration is complete I will add a NEW product which is a download and upload their finished photo to the site. I will thend inform the user their restoration is ready for approval and send them the link to their owne special product. From their I will use IMAGE MAGIC contribution to show them a watermarked copy of the photo in somewhat LOW resolution. Once they pay for the product it will allow them to download the HIGH resolution photo..


Dang. Im a genious... Now to take over the world... LOLHAHAHAHA Stay tuned for AMPLE amounts of questions once I start full implementation...

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