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checkout_process.php thinks it's a failure and it's not


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Hi All,


I am attempting to get the Eway payment module (eway_pay_module_v_1.1) to work on my OSC site. I have installed it per the instructions, and when I process a test purchase (a $1.00 product) on to my personal CC, the payment is deducted and I get a confirmation email, however after I confirm my purchase, instead of getting a Success! message, I am redirected to checkout_payment.php?error_message=Credit+Card+Error%21 and the item is not removed from my cart.


I have disected eway_payment.php and from the looks of it, the error is not actually contained in there. The header that gets generated is:


header: Location:https://www.mysite.com/catalog/checkout_process.php?osCsid=33eb243f5e39b96be18189bbaa344bc8&order_id=12255534


...which is a redirect to the "Success" page (checkout_process.php).


However if I load that url manually (etc), I get immediately redirected to the checkout_payment.php?error_message=Credit+Card+Error%21 again. So it seems the error is either in the checkout_process.php page itself, or that this is a symptom of something being broken elsewhere.


Inside checkout_process.php, I can't find the statement that's actually redirecting to the failure page (checkout_payment.php). header() isn't used, only tep_redirect(). The only tep_redirect() calls which exist are in the very first part of the page which checks if the user is logged in (and I've actually tried commenting the redirects to FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT to no avail), or at the very end of the file, which tep_redirect()'s to FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS.


So basically, this doesn't look like it's anything to do with the eWay module itself, it's something in OSC itself and I can't even find which part of the code is causing the success page to redirect to the failure page, let alone fix the problem that's causing this to happen.


Can anyone shed any light on this please?





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