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The e-commerce.

osCommerce 2 Not Sell?


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Is there a way to use osCommerce for a distributor shop?


People can see all the products but not be able to buy them? What mods would make this possible?


I want to create a website for a distributor. They offer products but their products are available on many stores. Instead of having a buy now link, it should have a store locator or something like that.


Does this make sense? Is it possible to do this? If not, what else would you recommend for a distributor business? We want a place to advertise our products but also link to the stores that offer our products.


What do you recommend? Can osCommerce do this? What contributions will do it? If now what do you recommend for this?


Thank You.

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In the contributions, find one called "osC Catalog".


It takes away the shopping cart portions of a standard osc install, making the store an "online catalog" of sorts.


That would be a start.


I'd post a link to it but I don't have it saved and if the contribution part of this site was a plane it would be taking birdstrikes in the tail at the moment...


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