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The e-commerce.

PHP 5 upgrade, kicked my butt


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Host upgraded to php5.


Got an issue with my product page now



Killed my Google checkout as domxml does not work.... solved with domxml-php4-to-php5


Killed my Admin admin... solved with commenting out the line "$this = null;" in the file /admin/includes/classes/upload.php


Anyone who can help the last issue.



P.S when did the osc get a style update, have I been away from the forum that long?

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Not sure what the problem is.


The link in my sig block has the php 4 -5 patches, your problem might be one.


BTW the competitioon link doesn't work on the hotel site and


Have a party with a different at only £6.50 a child


should be difference


Good Luck

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Also you need to get magic_quotes_gpc on for the domain.

Other issue where comment no done correctly

<?php echo //$ORDER_WILL_SHIP;?>


<?php echo " "; //$ORDER_WILL_SHIP;?>


I am still battle with the product page, but will get that today hopefully.


I have upgrade to php5 on my dev windows box but I get the error

Security Alert the php can not be accessed directly

This the page will only be served up if REDIRECT_STATUS CGI is set .....but I don't know how to set it?

Any pointer



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The last issue was to do with thumbs_bar having a duplicate varaible twice.

Worth searching the contribution you have for issues.

I managed to comment out most lines to fine this one.

Can go back to bed now :rolleyes:

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