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attn coders.

I work for a large size company that does about 100+ orders a day with OSC. I we currently use an older php way of gathering our orders and doing special formatting to them so we can send them to our vendors. Mostly this is acheved with Macros in excel, and then we use stamps.com to format our orders out for the postage.


As i am not much of a php man myself, i was thinking of writting an exe based application that would connect to our database, pull the orders into a datagrid(?) and format the rows and columns that way that we wI work for a larger size company that does about 100+ orders a day with OSC. We currently use an out dated system of getting our orders, the current system takes way too much time for the employees, and could be streamlined. As we send to multiple vendors, we must doing special formatting so that the orders are processed properly. Its outdated because this systems main method is achieved with copy-and-pasting data to excel running macros that produce(s) a CSV imported to our shipping program, a CSV for our orders, a CSV for one of our vendors, and a final CSV for our last vendor.


I was thinking of writing a console based application (Visual Studio) that would connect to our database, retieve the order information, along with address, attributes of the orders, then populate it into a data grid(?) / pivot chart data, that then could be formatted with the use of buttons, for the specific vendors. Thus rows and columns would be formatted, properly and then could just be printed out / saved for quickly processing orders.


I've tackled most of SQL Query string, the data grid setup, Time/date picker for actually pulling the data on specific days over a length of time, however, I just can’t seem to make it connect over an SSL / https, via phpmyadmin. It works fine on a backup copy that’s run locally with ODBC.


Anyone have any on the connection ? Ideas suggestions?


I’d love to hear ‘em!



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