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The e-commerce.

2.2rc2a with a OSCAffiliate v2.8


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Is is possible to put these two versions together. I am part way there but I cannot complete the affiliate sign up procedure in my test but not being a programmer I am kinda stumped as to what I need to do next?

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Are you having the same problems I am?


Basically links and text are all messed up, they all have things like /FILENAME_AFFILIATE_BANNERS_BUILD instead of real functional links.


I've found a way to fix it but the way I'm doing it looks to be a hell of a job. What I did was copy the affiliate_english.php script into my english language folder, edit the file to define all the terms like FILENAME_AFFILIATE_BANNERS_BUILD to the actual php file. Then I add


require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/affiliate_english.php');


at the start of every file like affiliate_signup.php


There has got to be a better way to do this though.

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Thanks Jack, that worked. Now I don't have to add that line to every file.


The links still don't display right, I guess I'll have to define all of them manually :blink:


Tables too, 'cause I get a lot of errors like this:


1146 - Table 'ermoreau_osc1.TABLE_AFFILIATE_BANNERS' doesn't exist


select * from TABLE_AFFILIATE_BANNERS order by affiliate_banners_title


Isn't there suppose to be a file with all of these already defined? I had to skip a few steps in the install because the code the install text asks you to find in the file no longer exists or it's been moved somewhere to another file. I dunno...


If anyone has some insight it would be much appreciated.



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Are you sure you are using a full version of the contribution? A common problem with contributions is that partial updates get uploaded. This casues a number of problems but they keep doing it. You may need to download a previous version to get all of the files and instructions you need.



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