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The e-commerce.

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A few bits from me:


1. There's a redirect on your homepage. Why not move the root of the catalog to your site root


2. Your images have white top and bottoms of differing hieghts. It looks a bit messy.


3. Have a look for an SEO contribution in the forum. You can replace header tags for your products so that they're more friendly to search engines.


4. Default buttons have white edges and don't match the site colours. Change them in the catalog/images/ directory.


5. Same thing with default icons like search.


6. Your <h1> text is grey - which is difficult to read against the blue/purple body. See the contact us for an example.


7. Best sellers is hidden away at the bottom right of screen. Bring it higher and make it prominent.


8. Move the promotion code to your checkout. It's not needed till then.


9. You have blank categories. Check out your admin panel to remove blank entries.


10. Reverse text is not a favourite of mine (light text on dark background). Many web users have difficulty reading it - consider changing, if possible.


11. Add to Wishlist is a different font to other buttons.


Hope these help



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thank you for your suggestions, I hope to have everything done


1. because I wallpaper from the shop at ebay use, I have too much to adapt.

2. the settings I have adapted

3. there is a contib you can recommend?

4. arrow_right.gif you think that? is done!

5. I'm probably not remove all the icons :rolleyes: - is done!

6. is done

7. the bestsellers I laid under the basket

8. Promotion-code, I have hidden in the column_right is now only for the payment to see

9. I have not seen empty categories! what do you mean?

10. do you think the bar under the header? and the footer? then I changed

11. what do you mean? the word "wunschliste" was written in white, I changed into black!




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The category above honda and the 2 below are blank.


Your footer has 238 FOOTER_PRODUCTS and the date and hit counter could be removed.

Need help installing add ons/contributions, cleaning a hacked site or a bespoke development, check my profile


Virus Threat Scanner

My Contributions

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The category above honda and the 2 below are blank.


you see these categories without products? or is the graphic problem? :huh:

I have some problems with the view of the shops on the Internet explorer, so I have now removed the graphics

I hope this is okay now!


now to the footer:

I have the number of products in the footer,

because it gave the customers like to know how much products in the shop are ;)


but the date and the hit counter can really go :rolleyes:

I will do the same





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This code in your footer is causing the infamous "nonsecure items" popup in IE:


<script src="http://www.fehlstart.com/pr/pr.php?id=1859&bild=25&extra=0"></script><br>

You can fix it like this:


 if ( $request_type != 'SSL') {

<script src="http://www.fehlstart.com/pr/pr.php?id=1859&bild=25&extra=0"></script><br>


If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


"Given enough impetus a parallelogramatically shaped projectile can egress a circular orifice."

- Me -


"Headers already sent" - The definitive help


"Cannot redeclare ..." - How to find/fix it


SSL Implementation Help


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Hi Jim,

thanks for the tip and help ;-)

Yesterday I had some problems. I had a backup playing, but unfortunately was not up to date :huh: , and I had a lot to revise.


Now I have the code correctly.




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