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Shipping Modules - How do they work?


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I am quite new to osCommerce. I have set up a Golf store for a customer and it is now starting to sell products. I have "Flat Rate" "Per Item Rate" & "Table Rate" shipping modules.


The question is how do they work?


I dont seem to be able to figure it all out...... sorry. :blink:


Each product in the store has a weight e.g. 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 based on how heavy I think they are.

I have entered shipping rates in the table rate section in admin based on weight. i.e. 2 = £2.50 3 = £4.50 4 = £6.50 and so on.

I have the flat rate set to £5.00

And the per item rate set to £5.00


If a customer buys 3 items all of which are weight 3. What should each of the rates be?


I just don't seem to understand how it all works.

Is there any detailed documentation I can read please?


What do people suggest I should set the shipping rates to?

I'm based in the UK and the shop only sells in the UK.


Thanks in anticipation.

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