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Adding Categories


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I was wondering if it was possible to show the categories in the main page as well as showing in a menu?


Please see my link http://banshee.xssl.net/prguk.co.uk/index.php my client would like there to be a link to view all the categories with a image and title for that section.


Is this sort of thing possible and if so please could you let me know how to do it?


Many thanks in advance



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I know a way, it's probably not the most elegant but it works.

First, find includes/boxes/categories.php and make a copy of it and name it categories2.php

Open your new file categories2.php and do the following modifications:

Find function


and rename it to

function tep_show_category2

Then at the end of the file find

new infoBox($info_box_contents);

and rename it to

new infoBox2($info_box_contents);

Save that file.

Then open includes/classes/boxes.php

And add the following code before the ?> tag

class infoBox2 extends tableBox {

function infoBox2($contents) {

$info_box_contents = array();

$info_box_contents[] = array('text' => $this->infoBoxContents($contents));

$this->table_cellpadding = '1';

//$this->table_parameters = 'class="infoBox"';

$this->tableBox($info_box_contents, true);



function infoBoxContents($contents) {

$this->table_cellpadding = '3';

//$this->table_parameters = 'class="infoBoxContents"';

$info_box_contents = array();

$info_box_contents[] = array(array('text' => tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '1')));

for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($contents); $i<$n; $i++) {

$info_box_contents[] = array(array('align' => (isset($contents[$i]['align']) ? $contents[$i]['align'] : ''),

'form' => (isset($contents[$i]['form']) ? $contents[$i]['form'] : ''),

'params' => 'class="boxText"',

'text' => (isset($contents[$i]['text']) ? $contents[$i]['text'] : '')));


$info_box_contents[] = array(array('text' => tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '1')));

return $this->tableBox($info_box_contents);



Then wherever you want to display the list of categories add

<?php if ((USE_CACHE == 'true') && empty($SID)) {

echo tep_cache_categories_box2();

} else {

include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'categories2.php');


It won’t add the pictures though, just the text.

Hope it works for you.

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