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The e-commerce.

Anyone else get weird traffic from 192.168.x and 10.x.x.x?


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I get a lot of hits from private IP spaces.. IPs that should definitely not be showing up! My guess is that they're going through some sort of proxy to see if they can get into directories by using private IP addresses. Has anyone else experienced this? I've considerd blocking all private IP blocks, but I'm afraid it might wreak havoc with the system. :blink:


For those of you who don't know what private IP spaces are - they're non-routable addresses that are not (normally) possible on the internet. Bad explanation, I know. Like, my private IP right now is, but online I show up as my outside IP of 66.x.x.x.

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I was looking at the 'whos online' page yesterday and yes, I saw some private ip addresses.


Don't understand why - hopefully someone can tell us :)

Yes, I also had that briefly. Didn't seem to cause any problem.

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