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Character limit on "Products Model" box


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You can to do this from the database by adjusting the VARCHAR value. If your setup with Phpmyadmin you can use that to make the change.


In the database -->Under Products --> Products Model look for the VARCHAR length/value and you can increase the character value, I think default is set to something like 12.


Always backup before making any changes.

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I think it's in the database in these two sections in the sql:


DROP TABLE IF EXISTS orders_products;

CREATE TABLE orders_products (

orders_products_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,

orders_id int NOT NULL,

products_id int NOT NULL,

products_model varchar(12),

products_name varchar(64) NOT NULL,

products_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,

final_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,

products_tax decimal(7,4) NOT NULL,

products_quantity int(2) NOT NULL,

PRIMARY KEY (orders_products_id),

KEY idx_orders_products_orders_id (orders_id),

KEY idx_orders_products_products_id (products_id)






CREATE TABLE products (

products_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,

products_quantity int(4) NOT NULL,

products_model varchar(12),

products_image varchar(64),

products_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,

products_date_added datetime NOT NULL,

products_last_modified datetime,

products_date_available datetime,

products_weight decimal(5,2) NOT NULL,

products_status tinyint(1) NOT NULL,

products_tax_class_id int NOT NULL,

manufacturers_id int NULL,

products_ordered int NOT NULL default '0',

PRIMARY KEY (products_id),

KEY idx_products_model (products_model),

KEY idx_products_date_added (products_date_added)



So do I just up the number on products_model varchar(12) then my limit is changed? Will this have any knock-on effect?

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If you run that SQL you will lose all your products (and product info sold)..... That code looks like the code run to set up the database during install.


Use phpmyadmin to simply change the field size for the products_model on the products table as L!mit said - easiest way. That was one of the first things I changed (to 40).

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