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Multiple pickup sites and sales taxes by county

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Hi all,


I'm building a new store using V2.2 RC2a and have added the contributions for multiple pickup sites (http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic?=385068&st=0) and even though I'm not in NY, I've added New York State Tax By Zip Codes contribution (http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=105353) just to get the data structures, etc. BTW, if anybody else trying to get multiple pickup sites working under V2.2RC2a, I can probably be of assistance; the contributed code does NOT work as is. I've had to install both as I have multiple store sites that sit in different counties with differing sales tax rates, and I didn't want to hard code the tax rates in the code since they change too frequently.


Anyway, I've got these working at 99.9% complete, but what I haven't figured out is why at checkout confirmation, if I'm testing a local pickup order, I get a sales tax field in the products box, next to each item in the order, that just shows the proper tax rate (The item's price has not been changed and does not reflect the sales tax). There's even a nice, bold "Tax" header at the top of the box, next to the "Total" header. On a regular, ship this via whatever carrier order, that sales tax field does not appear. Only the sales tax field in the billing box where everything is being totaled up appears. BTW, the items in the Billing box appear correctly in both cases.


Now, mind you, all the tax rates being shown are correct, but why is the tax rate appearing next to each item in the products box? I'm afraid it might confuse buyers as the price reflected in the products box does not include the sales tax amount yet.


Any ideas?


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I've found the "issue" in the file checkout_confirmation.php, and it is not consistent with certain entries. Why would the product area change with the shipping method selected? Also, I've noticed that the checkout_confirmation page does not really reflect logically what I'd expect. What I mean is that if I order (5) units of a single item, then I'd expect to see something like:


Products Price Ea. Ext.</b>

5 x Widgets 1.00 5.00


Instead all you get is the summed up price of all 5 items, you don't see the price each.


Or is this just me?

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