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Downloadable Files Stored On A Seperate Host?


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Hello everyone,


Before I spend a lot of time setting up oscommerce I would just like to know if it is possible to have my digital download products stored on a separate host, other than the one oscommerce is installed on and if so, how would I go about doing that. Also, what is the purpose of the 'download redirect' option? that sounds like it may be what I need to use?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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No, you cannot store downloadable files on a separate host. The download works with the osCommerce session id which would not transfer from one host to another.


The "Download by redirect" has nothing to do with using a separate host. If that feature is not enabled then the download comes direct from the 'download' folder, but if it is enabled then the downloadable file is sent to the 'pub' folder with a temporary file name for download. The setting is server-specific and the "Dowload by Redirect" won't work on websites running with tight security.



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Reading your reply herea bout the use of "download redirect" m akes me think I might have found the solution to a problem I am having...


Problem: 6 of my first orders involved downloadable products, which I have stored in the download folder. However, they did not download.


I had "download by redirect" enabled - not sure why, from the documentation, it implied to disable it for non-Unix servers. Anyway, I have now disabled it, based on your explanation.


Do you think that will stop blocking downloads? If not, is there anything else you can suggest that I check? I'm sure I have set each catalog produt up correctly with it's attributes and links to correctly uploaded digital files...



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