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"Extra" item in basket


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I noticed some pretty strange things hassppening recently, so I'll try to list them.


1. I added a lot of manufacturers using computer A.

Next day I opened computer B to continue to add manufacturers and noticed that list of manufacturers was like I didn't add any manufacturers using computer B. I opened products to see if combobox has list of manufacturers and it was same story there. Combobox also didn't have any manufacturers I added before.

I thought I lost some how all yesterday work, but noticed that if I open store like customer it SHOWS ALL manufacturers fine. I cannot understand what's going on. I checked mysql manufacturer tables and they are fine. I just can't imagine what's going on. I have no access to computer A until monday.


2. When I click button "Buy" on any product, somehow another product (and always the same) shows in the shopping card. When I remove wrong product from the cart, correct item appears in the shopping cart right away. Interesting, that if I click "Add to cart" everything goes fine, correct product appears in the cart.


I don't know for how long it starts happening. What I know, that I tried to make index on product_model as was suggested in Easy Populate (for large DB) and some how I got the errors. But when I check the structure I saw that I already have two! indexes on product_model. I deleted one of them. I'm not sure if it can be related to problems I have now, especially to manufacturers disappearing in admin panel problem.


3. One of categories (and only one) behaves like a ghost... sometimes I can see it in the list of categories, sometimes not.


I open MySQL and checked data in tables, but didn't find anything wrong.


Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.




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Have you tried turning off the cache?



Remember, What you think I ment may not be what I thought I ment when I said it.




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Have you tried turning off the cache?


it's off.


You know what, you can't beleive... I can't beleive.


I did another "check" now: export using easy populate.

When I tried to import, manufacturer combobox again didn't show me all manufacturers.

I created the file, then open admin panel an wow: all manufacturers are there. Can't understand whats happend.

I didn't check about "extra" item in basket thing yet...


P.S. "Extra" item still appears in a busket... looks like it is not related.

"Ghost" category still dissapear when I click on some categories, as structure of categories is corrupted or something.

Probably I should delete this category and then make it again.


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It works fine!


I checked as you told me cache settings and it was off...

I deleted that "extra" item and sure enough it was still there!!!!!! Well, not sure enough, better say, some how it was there again. So, I decided that it's still related to cache, despite that settings.

I remember that I have laptop (computer I never used for store work) and opened store. On that laptop everything worked fine, so really, somehow it was in a cache. Damn! Interesting that "ghost" category does not behave like a ghost anymore, everything is fine.

Go figure!


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