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The e-commerce.

Need to find Live Transaction URL -transact.dll


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I need to cpature my messaging between oscommerce and authortize.net in order to trouble shoot a "(270) Line item 1 is invalid." error.


They suggested llocating the Live Transaction URL--which should be set to https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll--for starts.


1. When you find that reference, please comment it out and change it to use https://developer.authorize.net/param_dump.asp.

2. This page explains what this URL does: http://developer.authorize.net/tools/datavalidation/

3. But in essence, when software posts to https://developer.authorize.net/param_dump.asp our response will be an HTML table showing the exact fields we are receiving, and their values.

4. So if you can both change the Live Transaction URL, and find a way of capturing the HTML table response we're sending, it should be possible to see what data OScommerce is sending, and then I'd have something tangible to troubleshoot.


Anyone know where I start with this? Or shortcut this by knowign that the 270 error is?

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