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orders not being recorded


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Hi all


A friends website that I did has developed a problem with not recording any orders and the only way he is recieving orders is via the paypal notification when a payment is made. He says that this has happened a couple of months ago but I am not sure where I should start to look.


Could it be something wrong with the sql database, a php file that is not writing to the database or even the admin tool simply not displaying the orders that are in the database?


Also if it helps the guy who runs the site said that everything else is working fine (adding orders etc)


If anyone has experienced a problem like this or can help I would be very grateful.


Many thanks



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Also I have another problem with the site which is that the ssl certificate has expired and I am waiting for the new one to go live. Could this be the reason why orders are not being stored?

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Just a quick update on this. I have been doing some searching and it seems that the site stopped recording orders on or around 14th April 2008. But the weird thing is the site is still recording new users but just not their orders.


Is it that there has been a change to the paypal system since this date that could be causing the problem or the fact that the site won't allow the order to be saved as it thinks it is an unsafe site due to the ssl certificate not being installed currently?

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I have read that if a user exits from PayPal instead of coming back to your site (OSCommerce), that the order will not post in OSCommerce.


Here is some information that I pulled off "http://www.onlinemerchantnetwork.com/inform/board/message?board.id=MeetADeveloper&message.id=282#M282"


"Unforutnately, OScommerce is a third party shopping cart and the way they designed it didn't allow for information being sent to PayPal so that the transaction information could be listed in a PayPal account.


It's true the customer has to click on the return to merchant link to complete the transaction otherwise OS commerce will not close out the transaction as complete.


What others have done is to put a notice on the checkout page prior to making the payment that they (the customer) must click on the link and return to the site to complete the transaction,


Other than that, there is not much more you can do, unless you are comfortable in changing code for that cart."

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Do you think it would be possible to post the order to the database before requesting payments via paypal? Then the site owner can simply process orders that he has recieved confirmation of payment from paypal and ignore any non paid orders.

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