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problem with SSL and adding HTML page


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I am waiting for my SSL certificate to finish my site but they can't verify me through WHOIS so have asked that I create an HTML page so they can verify this manually.


I have a code (e.g. ABC123) and I just need to create a page that shows on the domain as www.mydomain.com/ABC123.html


I can create the page itself no problems (the content of the page is not an issue), but cannot find how to put it into OSC so it shows up on this URL.


Can anyone help me?


Thank You

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You FTP the file to the root of your website.


If you don't know how to use FTP then you will need to learn how to use it - but in the meantime the File Manager in your web hosting control panel should allow you to upload files.



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You don't have to put the page in OSC at all for site verification. Just create the file in root folder, open browser and check if you can read the content with http://www.yoursite.com/pageyoucreated.html.

If you can view the page, you are set, just inform your SSL provider to validate ownership and that is it. Just forget OSC for a while. SSL certificate is to be issued for your domain, not your cart.


Hope that helps,



Best Regards,

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Gary, Your explanation and instruction was just what I needed and I managed to get a page up easily. Thank You. Thanks for your input also Vger.

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