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The e-commerce.

If I copy my oscommerce folder, delete, and re-upload it will I lose anything?


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Hi guys,


Quick question.


I've been using oscommerce for a while now and I've been modding it quite a bit like most everyone. I now need to install SSL on my site, which, to my understanding, involves having my host delete the domain name and reload it with the SSL (correct me if I'm totally mistaken here). My webhost has advised me to make a backup copy of my site and then reload it.


So here's my question:


If I simply drag a copy of my site to my computer's harddrive, delete everything from my website within the actual webhost, and copy it over, will everything still be running as if nothing happened? If the answer is no, how can I best backup my site, delete everything from the webhost, and reload it? I am a bit green to all of this, so please excuse my ignorance.



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You don't mention the copy protocol nor method, but I assume FTP through some graphical interface.


Copying your entire site locally is the first step. Though I do not see the need, having a local copy is always judicious. Take the advice of your hosting service. DO NOT OVERLOOK THE NEED TO COPY YOUR DATABASE LOCALLY ALSO.


Upon newly uploading you will need to edit your two configure.php files and many file and directory permissions as well as possibly creating a new database and populating it with your downloaded database backup.


There may be some additional 'moving' info in the osC Knowledge Base and I know that there are several posts that discuss it.

For ALL problems, please review this link first -> osCommerce Knowledge Base

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