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Strange results when testing.... HELP!


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So, i browse around and add one item to my cart. I proceed thru the entire checkout process and everything looks great. I get the order confirmation page and then i continue shopping.....


Here's the problem: When i go to the administrative side of things (because i was showing my client how she will check orders and process them) it shows not one but TWO orders placed at the very same time. The first one that is listed in the line items there shows for the item and amount that i placed the order. Beneath that is another order (placed at exactly the same time on the same day) but the "Order Total" amount is like 3 times the actual product i ordered. I can click on each of the two different items there (orders) and the page that i get is exactly the same.


It lists the product i ordered, the price is correct ($39.50), but then as i move down the page i get a sub-total that is $171.32, another subtotal line beneath that that shows $39.50 (that sounds right), tax $4.83 but i have tax set up to charge only for in-state purchases and i set this "customer" to be shipped out of state, another tax line reading $0.00, then two versions of Best Way (shipping), one for $8.75 and one for $6.00. I get two "Total" lines beneath that, one for $180.07 and the correct one for this order of $45.50 (my $39.50 product and the $6 shipping charge.


Can anyone tell me why this thing is coming up with two different orders when i only placed one order? And why does the appropriate order show up PLUS one for three times the accurate amount?


That was really embarassing :oops: to sit down with the client as we're about to launch the cart and have this major mishap! In my previous testing of the cart i didn't have this problem.


(A side note, i just went to the admin side of things, cleared out both of those orders and then placed another order for one product totalling $40. This time i again get two orders processed at the same time, the correct one for $40 and one for just over $200. So, it seems to be accumulating dollar amounts even though i have cleared all past orders for this customer.)


Please help!!



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