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Location of tmp folder for image uploading?


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Hi All,


I am getting PHP Errors while trying to upload product images.

The first error is an open_basedir restriction from the function move_uploaded_file in admin/includes/classes/upload.php.

There are several more errors which I am pretty sure are just generated by the first one.


The filename that it has the issue with is /tmp/php9qZm80 which is being generated by the program since that is not the real file name.


I have tmp folders in several locations including the virtual root, the catalog, and the admin folders. All have been set to 777 for the purpose of testing this.


The basedir restriction is the virtual root (/vservers/domain) /usr/bin/zip and /bin/gzip (both of the zip dirs come off the physical root on the server and are shared read only by all users).


I only have access to changing the php.ini file via tech support at the host (which really is not a good setup) and it took some time to even get them to allow any basedir access in the ini file. There is another php app running which requires a different php ini file and they set up 2 of them with multiple vhosts rather then letting me have access to change them! But that has worked OK until now.


I can FTP images, etc with no issue. But within the admin products page when trying to add an image to a product I get the above noted errors.


I can't seem to find where the tmp folder is specified in any of the configuration files or the configuration table. (This is not the sessions tmp folder, that all works Ok although I am using the DB for sessions now). I think it must be hard coded but I did not see where "tmp" or "/tmp/" get added into tmp_name or filename or any other string to be uploaded.


I think the issue is that it is looking for /tmp off the physical root (which I have no access to) not the virtual one (which I can modify). So if I can find where the program sets this maybe I can change it to point to the right place for this install.


As you can tell by the notes above I have searched the forums for this and explored different avenues. So before smashing my head into the wall one more time I hope someone knows what I am looking for.



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