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How to install contribution


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Step 1: Copy all of the files included in the admin directory of this

contribution to the admin directory of your shop. Only files

intended for this contribution will be overwritten.



Step 2: Add the following to admin/includes/languages/english.php anywhere

before the last ?>


// sitemonitor text in includes/boxes/sitemonitor.php

define('BOX_HEADING_SITEMONITOR', 'SiteMonitor');

define('BOX_SITEMONITOR_ADMIN', 'Admin');

define('BOX_SITEMONITOR_CONFIG_SETUP', 'Configure');


define('IMAGE_EXCLUDE', 'Exclude');



Step 3: Add the following to admin/includes/filenames.php anywhere before the

last ?>.


define('FILENAME_SITEMONITOR_ADMIN', 'sitemonitor_admin.php');

define('FILENAME_SITEMONITOR_CONFIG_SETUP', 'sitemonitor_configure_setup.php');

define('FILENAME_SITEMONITOR_CONFIGURE', 'sitemonitor_configure.php');



Step 4: Add the following to admin/includes/column_left.php anywhere before the

last ?>.


require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'sitemonitor.php');



Step 5: Go to admin->Sitemonitor->Configure, setup the various settings and

click Update.



Step 6: Go to admin->Sitemonitor->Admin and click the top button. A message should

be displayed saying that the file was ran for the first time. Then click

on the second button to actually run a test. A "No mismatches found" message

should be displayed. If not, something is wrong with the installation.



Step 7: Optional: TO RUN AS A CRON JOB: See below.



That's it. When the script is ran again, either manually or via cron, any differences

will be emailed to you.


************** OPTIONAL CRON *******************

If you don't want to have to run it each time to check for differences,

you can setup a cron job to have the script ran automatically. This is

not required but is the preferred way. The following explains how to do

this. Your host has to have this feature enabled.


To set up the cron job, add the following as the cron command:


php /home/username/public_html/catalog/admin/sitemonitor/sitemonitor.php


Note that you need to change username to your username and the path

to the sitemonitor.php file must be correct. Also, some hosts require

a different syntax for the command. Ask your host if you run into



There should also be settings for Minute, Hour, Day, Month and Weekday.

If you place an asterisk (*) in these fields, then it means any time

at all. If a number is placed in that field, it means just that one

time. For example, if you place a 10 in the minute field and a * in all

of the other fields, the job will be ran every hour of every day at 10

past the hour. Now, if you replace * in the hour field with a 12, the

script will be called everyday at 12:10.


If you have a large site, the script might time out before all of the files

are checked. When, or even if, that timeout occurs will depend upon your

server. If you find that the script is not completing, then you may need to

exclude some directories. This can be done in the admin->Sitemonitor->Configure




Addtional Notes:

In the sitemonitor.php file, you will find this line:


It's purpose if to prevent timeouts under certain situations. However, it

will cause a failure on servers where safe mode is used. In that situation,

delete that line of code.

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