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Scary Error near end of creating shop


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Been clicking around my site making sure everything works, and maknig test orders, but I am getting an error in which i don't know where to start.


It happens when I try to 'buy now' in a certain way:


If I look at the product and add to cart and buy, everything is ok.


Yet if I click on a sub category and browse the products in it then click the BUY NOW (in list view) I get this error



1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1


delete from customers_wishlist WHERE customers_id=1 AND products_id=





Any ideas, im quite sure I used to be able to click this fine!

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You`ve lost the product_id from the query, so it fails, can`t tell where your error is exactly as to limited info, here is the process though.


List is done by product_listing.php in modules, on clicking buy_now that reloads page (most likely index.php) that calls aplication_top.php first.


That finds the 'action' in the $_GET and the 'buy_now' so adds product to cart (around 400 its commented) and then redirects to shopping_cart.php (if set to display cart in admin on add_to_cart) or back to calling page (index.php probably)


I`ve not come across customers_wishlist so you must have added something & your error is there, most likely in shopping_cart.php or its class.





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This error doesn't arise when 'buy nowing' as a guest. Its only when I am logged in and try it.


What i have done to resolve this is remove the 'buy now' button for the meantime. Its unlikely anyone would buy now before viewing product description anyway, and even if they were going to, its only 1 extra click!

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