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The e-commerce.

Need advice with regard to POS terminals


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Hi all


I have a client that I am setting his store up for. Anyway he was going to go with PayPal as hes only a small business, but now hes bought a POS terminal and I think I know what hes going to ask me next.


I know that all online transactions need a merchant account from the bank, but in the case they have this, is it easy to set up or can they make the transactions in real time and in that case is OScommerce capable of that?


If anyone has come across the same experience please could you share the solution you used.


Apologies for the questions, but I want to do this by the book.



Debbie Harrison


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Even though your client has a merchant account and PDQ machine he will not be able to process e transactions. This will require a seperate e merchant account.


Using a payment gateway is pobably the easiest. This means the buyer leaves your site and is transferred to a 'bank' site where secure transaction is made. They are then returned to the site and the order is passed on.


having a terminal account is only good for face to face transactions.

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Thanks both of you. I knew an Internet merchant Account was needed but what this guy was implying that he wanted to process the payments on the terminal, whereas I said "no way!"


I shall talk to his assistant on Monday who is a bit more teccie.


Thanks guys Kudos.

Debbie Harrison


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