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The e-commerce.

Need to skip the gateway auth


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I only want to collect names, addresses, all the info except cc info. That is collected in a confirmation phone call I must make to customers anyways because most of my items are too large for ups and need a freight quote. No module will do what i need. Shipping large items from 4 locations. How do I set it to collect the info including a call back number and then tell them we will call back to privide them with shipping costs and collect the cc info.


The bank the merchant people know I collect numbers on the phone and Im in total complience. You just never store numbers at all keep hard copies the time period they allow I think its a week. I pay a higher rate because Im a phone - mail order.


So can I set up to not collect cc info and skip the gateway auth. I too own a terminal and print out invoices with only the last 4 numbers of the cc



Thanks in advance Tony

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oh yes did I mention I need the shopping cart to work normally its just a shipping thing I would need to break up the shipping and charge that seperate and that would mean double fees for me. The cust info and order info to me in email and I do the rest Is that posible



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