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How many taxes should I pay?


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I want to sell some Chinese handicrafts to USA, like hand made sweaters, artwork, and so on. Which taxes should pay? And what are they?

I am live in China, and I will ship the crafts to the buyers.

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There's no easy answer for your question. First of all, customs duties and fees may or may not have to be paid upon entry to the U.S., depending on the type of merchandise and its value. Either the buyer or the shipper (exporter: you) will have to pay them for the merchandise to get through. There is no national sales tax, but almost all states (provinces) collect "sales tax" on goods and services delivered within their borders. Most have not yet caught up to the Internet age, and have not figured out how to collect sales tax on goods ordered elsewhere and shipped in. New York state is trying to collect taxes (google for "Amazon tax" discussion) but there's currently no way to enforce it.


What I would do is try to contact either a Chinese trade ministry office or (if there is one in your city) a U.S. Chamber of Commerce (business association) to see if they have the information you need. If there is a U.S. consulate nearby they also may be able to help. Finally, international shipping companies or your postal service ought to have some idea where you could get the information you need. You'll definitely have to pay any import duties, but for now you probably won't have to pay any sales taxes. Good luck and best wishes!

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