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The e-commerce.

q: whats the tep_ in alot of functions??


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hello i had a question i was hoping someone could help me with,

i was curious how oscommerce copies images into the image directory and what is tep_ before alot of functions, oscommerce uses this function to copy the image

tep_copy_uploaded_file($categories_image, $image_directory);



im guessing this is a copy() function, but whats all the tep_uploaded_file.

i would like to make a html upload form that will store images into a directory i am able to make the form and have a global variable with the name of the upload form but my server will not let me use my code because im using copy($fupload,$myupload_dir); and it give me an error:


Warning: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 22038 is not allowed to access /home owned by uid


but if i use oscommerce it is able to copy images into the image directory, is it a copy() function that it is using ?? and if so could someone explain the tep_ stuff,

thanks alot

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I'm making an educated guess, but the tep_ prefix means "The Exchange Project," which is what OSCommerce was previously named.


If you look in /catalog/includes/functions and /admin/includes/functions, you will see several .php files which define many of the functions used in the application.


I believe uploads such as product images are copied to a temporary directory as specified in the php.ini file by the upload_tmp_dir parameter. From there, they are copied to the appropriate directory based on the category.



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