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The e-commerce.

I need help with admin functionality Pleaseeeee.


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I have way to many products. 15000 or so, and all products are sorted by product name. I can sift through product names all day every day in order to edit products, I am trying to get the products sorted by product model.


Also For some weird reason if I use the search option to search for a product, I click on the product after the search is done so I can edit it but it actualy takes me back to the main category. So when I do a seach it does me no good because I cant edit the product that am seaching for.


I have my own redhat 7.2 server,

apache, mysql are default versions from redhat

newest php,

easy populate, and more pics


Please help

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Bumping is against the rules of this Forum. Put simply, you need to change the SQL command that creates the listing in Admin.


It's not difficult, but does require a bit of knowledge about PHP. So, you need to;


- offer 'payment' for someone to do it, or

- maybe someone will do it for you for free, and then post on thread, or

- wait until someone else needs the same functionality and then hope that they contribute or post their solution.


If you cannot offer something (not necessarily cash) to get people to help, then you must wait and hope.

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I do not have a problem changing the sql query but I do not know what file it is in. I also do not mind paying someone if I have to, I just think that it is funny that I have found two other threads were people wanted the same thing and niether recived even one reply, So I decided that I would not give up as easy as they did and I bumped.


I also Have my own iis servers, dns servers, mail servers and apache servers, so I could trade with someone as well.

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Well yes, things are sorted by product_name by default and I need it to be by product_model.


I assumed that there would be a simple change in the sql query but after looking in categories.php under the admin side, I could only find tons of products_name and sort_order, I am not good enough to know what is what so I am stuck.


I the contrib, but I didnt know it would work on the admin side as well as the catalog side.


problem is though, I have 15000 products, would I have to set each products manually with your contrib?


Thanks, For the kindness

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I added in the model number to the display and changing the sort order would not be too difficult.


I did not change it on what you saw, just cause I don't want it that way myself ... :D


Let me see if I can't add in a handy dandy switch for the order in there.

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It is not the most efficient of switches for the Display Order ... :roll:


but, you can set it in the My Store section and the Products will display in the order you set it to for either Model or Product Name and you can add Descending to that.


You can test it out at:




Peek in the right corner under the Search and Go to ...

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As soon as I am done documenting it and do a test install.


I am just testing an install in the next hour or two ... depending on neices and nephew needs ... as I am out of town ... :D


If the test install goes right, then I am just about done with the documentation to get this installed ... and maybe it will be understandable too ... 8)

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