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Installed Master Product need to search hiding slave products


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Hello everyone,


It took me quite a while to install Master Products contribution, but it seems to work now. I have two questions and look for help:

1. For products without master or slave feature, in product description page, under the "select quantity" box, default number is 0. Can this be changed into 1?

2. I set Master product with price of 0. I also Hide Slave products. It seems if I search Slave product's model number, I can't find it. How can I enable the shopping cart to Find it by searching slave product's model number?


I can let issue 1 be it. For issue 2, I really need the feature to be changed. My master product is one without any size or color. Slave products are the same master product just with a size and color choice. If I do not hide slave products, they will all displayed one by one on the store front and looks very ugly. I think if somehow I can allow display inactive products when searching model number, this issue can be resolved. But I don't knowhow.


Thank you for your time. Any help is appreciated.


Best Regards,



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