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I would like to add some html to some pages within the information infobox (e.g. shipping). If I add anyithing outside of php (<? ?>) it shows up on the very top of the page. How can I add html and keep it where if I were to add text within <? ?>


I got a book on saturday so I can learn PHP so I shouldn't have to ask many more of these questions. Thank you for all your help.



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Lets use the shipping.php page as an example.

In catalog/shipping.php you should have this line

			<td class="main"><?php echo TEXT_INFORMATION; ?></td>

That is what brings in the text/info you want to display.

That is brought in from catalog/includes/languages/english/shipping.php. Find this part

define('TEXT_INFORMATION', 'Put here your Shipping information.');

To use HTML add it between the '' like so

define('TEXT_INFORMATION', '<table border="0" width="100%"><tr><td>This is my shipping info.<b>I have low shipping costs</b></td></tr></table>');


Hope that helps

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