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Question about SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and also AVS


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I am currently developing an E-Commerce website and my web host offers a shared SSL for free as part of my package. I know I can also pay elsewhere and get a dedicated SSL but had the idea it's very expensive and not necessary and have read that in a couple places.

I have read more recently that it's only around $100 to get one and gives you more credibility so it's the thing to do. My questions:

1. Should I go with the Shared SSL or get one that is dedicated? Is a dedicated one more secure or just about credibility with the public?


2. If I purchase a dedicated one which is a good company to go with? Verisign or another? What type of price should I expect?


3. Also, this is more unrelated but I read how I should use AVS (Address Verification Service). I think this verifies that the billing address of a credit card is correct at checkout time and can rule out some fraudulent payments. Is this an additional service or cost or is this part of an authorize.net account?


Thanks for any help with the above questions.

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Generally, the only differences between a shared and private ssl is that you can control the name of the private and have a seal on the site. One might be better than the other but that doesn't make much difference, if any at all. Paying $100 for a cert is paying at least three times too much, assuming you are buying it yourself. Look at the certs on namecheap or godaddy.



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