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General Payment Processing


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Hi, First of all i apologise for the new topic, but i couldn't find a direct answer while searching the forums.


Basically I am wanting to set up Credit card processing on an osCommerce Shop, and for the payment process to be integrated into the website to accept credit cards rather than going through a third party such as Paypal.


From what i understand from searching the forums i need a Payment Gateway, and a Merchant Account, it also seems that it will cost an arm and a leg to accept payments from withing the site itself if i don't sell (x) amount of products.


Basically, I want to ask what is required to accept credit card payments from within the website itself, without going to a third party, and what would be the most cost effective solution that being going through a third party company instead.

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I am interested in any feedback on Merchant Gateway's and merchant accounts anyone has. I currently am using PayPal standard and have lost some sales because of the checkout process. Seems like PayPal has a bad rep and people are wary about using anything that says PayPal. In order to modify the checkout page (you have to really look to find the checkout without PayPal account), you have to upgrade to Pro. The credit process has been a nightmare for me - they want me to FAX a copy of my SS card. I also checked into authorize.net - very expensive for a small site. I am testing Navigate but don't like the support side and the product does not perform as promised - they said they were 100% compatible with osCommerce and we are finding out that that is not the case. No phone support, no documention...


Any suggestions would be welcome! I just want a safe and secure process.

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I use Quickbooks Pro 2007, it includes a merchant account with Innovative Merchant Services (owned by Intuit). I process the CC payments thru them, though I do not use their gateway to do so from the shopping cart. Their is a module out there for Intuit, and it has some good feedback. I process mine thru the Quickbooks application itself since this is all tide to my brick and mortar store as well.





Their merchant services charges a monthly fee + % of sale (as most merchant accounts do).

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