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The e-commerce.

newbie bonehead pathing error: cannot restart install

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I put /catalog/ under /public_html/, then left that public directory out of the path during the installation.


I didn't see the error until reaching the "Finished" screen, the one with the buttons: 'CATALOG', and 'ADMINISTRATIVE TOOL'.


When I take Safari to http://www.mydomain.com/install, it does not restart the installer.


My hosting site set up mySQL for me. Do I now need to ask them to initialize mySQL again?


Thanks greatly ... I'd surely love to see this system run!



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I'm replying to my own post. My read is that my newbie drivel was too pedestrian for words ...


So, I installed a new wireless hub/switch and solved my bandwidth frustration. I just uploaded all of osCommerce 2.2 RC2a in about 10 minutes! It differs by 207 bytes from my 2nd try, which was to hand load many <500K selections in manageable pieces using Transmit to build the entire /catalog/ in spite of apparently huge error rates and restricted bandwidth. That was the swan song of my 1999 D-Link wireless hub !! I still wish to know why ... (2 para's below)


OK, now we have certifiably good files on the host server. ... time for redundant backup copies.


Does anyone know why the size of /catalog/ is different on the host than on my local machine? about 85% of directories are the same. Considerable effort failed to find out why some directories are not same in both locations. My primary suspicion is related to files of zero size, or at least of size < BLKSIZE.


I need to mention that I have extensive experience managing Novell LAN / multi-company / multi-user COBOL accounting system files ... I never lost any client data, for longer than 12 hours in 15 years doing business, and that includes client employee errors! Right now, I'm supposedly retired and working as a volunteer to put eCommerce on my Kiwanis club's charity soccer clinic web pages ...


My next trick will be to master mySQLadmin ... I asked previously if the data base needed to be reset. Well, I guess I'll start by learning how to do it myself ... that is, if my host site permits that access on their dedicated SQL servers. I can ask them to do it for me over night, if I fail.


Someone needs to tell me offline whether my first impression that this was a really robust community was incorrect, or if I'm still acting like a lazy dork! I did not expect to confront frustration at managing a file library. I trusted all that admin stuff to be automatic, or at least documented. I see thousands of users out there; are there only 10's of volunteers?


Back at-cha late-ah ..



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Don't email people abusive responses if you want help on this forum.


I said I did not understand what you said you did. That is in no way not "netiquette".


If you want help, then you need to provide clear information and don't abuse people offline.

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This reply to Kym, and everyone else. I fixed the problem myself, the next day; details at end, below!


Please accept complete and total apology for my poor appearance. Even though I asked for an offline critique, it came back online, hence my reply is online. I think that the Netiquette problem was perceived as personal, due to simultaneous transmission of my post and a reply that I did not, and probably could not have seen before I sent mine. I'm really sorry it happened.


Please note that my post, which offended, has a time-stamp of May 10,2008, 06:35 PM

While a fraction of a minute earlier, the Flying Kite time stamp is May, 10,2008, 06:35 PM


I never saw it, hence some puzzlement! I'm happy to mark it off as bad luck on my part.


All the negative stuff I said was self-deprecation -- I was deploring my own failings


Somewhere on the osCommerce site I saw a counter that said there were 1737 sites 'out there'. I took that as a total, not as the number logged on. I was tired and frustrated, after 10 hours' struggle with my self-admitted mistake. I'm also still learning to use this Support List ... the U/I is new to me.


I did manage to fix the problem the next day, but my comments about this possibly not being a robust community were indeed out of line, hence the apology. When was looking for templates, I found the Worldwide Shops Directory. Wow, there must be tens of thousands of installations. And yes, even though my comment could not have been aimed at one individual, it was inappropriate.


ANSWER to my PATHING problem:


My first install succeeded, and actually got to the "Finished" screen, the one with the buttons: 'CATALOG', and 'ADMINISTRATIVE TOOL'.


I have place /catalog/ under /public_html/, then, after doing the Install once correctly, I began to include that public directory In the my command path during my efforts to restart the installation.


Thus, while the two config files are actually at . . .


#-1=> /public_html/catalog/includes/configure.php for webserver & path paramenters

#-2=> /public_html/catalog/admin/includes/configure.php for webserver variables


. . . the INSTALL program provides the /public_html/, so I should have left it out ... pretty simple, but not intuitive :(



Regards to All,



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