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Zone Rates problem


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Hello people,


I am currently in the process of building an online clothing shop. I am doing quite a bit of customizing. This is going well so far, problems I've run into I can usually solve myself and in the other cases the search option on this forum has been my best friend :)


Being a webdesigner by trade I am trying to give this shop a distinctive look-and-feel.


When there's something to show I will gladly share it with you folks (I always welcome other peoples opinions and suggestions) but right now I am concentrating on getting the shop customized the way I want and having it function properly.


At the moment I am about 90% done with that. One of the last points on my list was getting the shipping to work properly.


Being located in The Netherlands my client is planning to sell locally as well as abroad. So I decided to opt for Zone Rates.


For the time being I decided on 2 zones (to test the functionality): 1 for Holland and one for the rest of europe.


So far not a problem, I went to zones.php and changed the number of zones there.


But then I ran into a big problem: I went to the shipping module part of the admin tool and clicked 'edit'. There I found two extra form fields added below the two for Zone 1. Yet there was no added text. Just two form fields without discription. I assumed this was probably a tiny bug or what have you and that the fields would function as the country and shipping table fields. So I filled them in, clicked update, made a test order in webshop and got the message that no shipping option was available for my country.


I went back to the shipping module in the admin tool and found out that the second zone I had added was in fact not filled in. It had not stored it.


I made some more attempts, filling in the form fields for zone 2. Clicking update. Going back with edit and finding them empty again.


Clearly something is not right. But at the moment I haven't got any idea as to what could be causing this. I tried a search on the forum but came up empty.


So I am hoping some of you will know what the problem is and what I can do to remedy it. It seems the admin does display the change made to zones.php, yet it does not do it all the way nor does it save the change to the database.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


For the record: this is the first problem I've experienced with my shop, so I can hardly imagine there being a problem with the database or something.


In any case I hope someone will be of help.


Many thanks in advance.

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That seems to have done the trick!


Thank you very much, Richard :)


I hadn't tried turning it off and back on yet (although that was also the way I got the column controller contribution to display its magic, so I should've given it a shot). Anyway, now it is working like a charm.




Next stop actually designing the thing :)

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