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Random duplicate orders on credit card transactions

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As per topic title...


I have an osC-based store developed for a client which is now three years old. Since day one it has been using the SecPay module to process credit card and has never had any noteable issues.


In the last couple of months the store owner has reported duplicate orders at the osC level - the customer receives two emails, two distinct order numbers (usually sequential) are being put into the database, and of course double the ordered quantity of an ordered item is being deducted from stock levels!


This always occurs on credit card orders, but happens very intermittently and at random. The site will process a number of orders for days without a hitch and then suddenly one will duplicate.


I have monitored the server's log files but there no PHP errors to report, none of the payment processing scripts have been altered and as far as I am aware, SecPay haven't changed anything - otherwise surely it would be duplicating every order they process?!


Any ideas on what I should be looking for?

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Is there not an option in the shop system or gateway module for "unique ordreID" or something like that? Then the system will check that no orderID's can be used more than one time.

Kind Regards,

Thomas Pedersen


ePay Europe

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  • 1 month later...

I have the exact same issue with the Cardia payment module.


Did you find a cause or a clue?


The duplicate orders have different order ID's so your suggestion unfortunately does not apply, Thomas.






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  • 2 years later...


Did you ever resolve this issue?


Same thing is happening to me, different payment module.

Are your customers double clicking the submit button? This will produce 2 identical orders placed 1 or 2 seconds apart.



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