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The e-commerce.

what are your thoughts on www.ineedhits.com


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what they offer, you can personally do yourself with the right contributions.


Guaranteed qualified Google traffic every month ANY SEO CONTRIBUTION (ex: ULTIMATE SEO)

Guaranteed top 10 listings - 250+ Search Engines more than unlikely as that takes time and it is also dependent on what keywords/niche you are in

Guaranteed 7 day organic listing in Google, Yahoo! & MSN OBVIOUSLY since the search engine bots index every site .. if your site has content you'll be in the searches

Professional Google Advertising campaign management this falls in line with AdWords which you can check into for PPC

Expert search engine optimization (new page every month) w/e

Monthly link building campaign w/e


my website (in my signature) has been all organic by using ultimate seo, googlefeeder, dynamic sitemap, header tags controller, website content, targeted keywords on the main page, (except for AdWords PPC).

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Guaranteed top 10 listings sounds nice...


but if you have any competition, it wouldn't be for a popular search term 'online shopping'

most likely for lesser used search terms that you probably already rank nicely for 'bobs online shopping pullovers canada'


ask questions and get written agreement before handing over money for any of these kinds of things

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A company that offers guaranteed top 10 ranking in SEs is not a serious company. It is impossible to give this guarantee. Stay away from them.

I love oscommerce and OS software! I'm not a programmer, I'm only a learning boy and a translator :) I love full contribution packages!

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"Guaranteed Top 10" ... is not top 10 natural search results but top 10 paid advertising results. Do it yourself and get more targeted visitors to your site for the money you would have paid someone else to basically setup your ads.

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ineedhits will sell/distribute your email address to scammers.


I used to use them until i started having my email inbox clogged up with spam emails (av 3000 a day) all with the ineedhits footer, they ignored the unsubscribe list.


It took my legal team and a court order to stop these.

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I used them a few times thinking they would bump up my spots on MSN, Yahoo and Google. I used their cheaper services - I can't justify spending so much money to get high up on Google? Anyway - I found that with proper contributions, coding and good meta tags - you can actually bump up your site yourself. Saving you a ton of money. I am on their mailing list - of course being a past customer - and it is true about them ignoring them to remove you from their mailing list - they just sent me an offer for $50 to get me within 10 spots on Yahoo, Google and I think MSN within 7 days. I had to question that because even Yahoo doesn't guarantee that. So, if I were you - save your money - invest time in coding your site yourself and give it a few weeks. You will see the traffic will start trickle in. Plus - make business cards with your website - send out newsletters to friends and family to pass along to others - advertise advertise advertise outside of the net. Once word gets out - traffic will come!



MarloDee Designs & White Cat Designs

Dance as if No One were Watching ~ Sing as if No One were Listening ~ And Live Life everyday as if it were Your Last!

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