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Easy Populate Product Attributes help needed


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Regarding the easy populate, after I open a downloaded file with excel, the first few columns are for product picture, product name, etc, and the last few columns are for manufacturer, category and EOREOR. The columns in the middle are for product attributes, such as color, size, etc.


For my products, each color/size has one model number. For example, let's say I have three products:

AA149504 Pink color

AA149505 Purple color

AA149506 Flesh color

Instead of creating three products, I use the product attributes feature to group them together into ONE product. To differentiate them, I put AA1495 as the model number, and then list Pink-04, Purple-05, Flesh-06 in attributes fields.


As you know, Easy Populate pulls "all the attributes" of all products and put them cell by cell in each product in the txt file.


Attached is a sample file with only one product (AA1495) plus the header. If you open it by txt editor, you will see how big it is with all those attributes. The real three attribute "Pink-04, Purple-05, Flesh-06" for this product were hidden in the middle.


This not only cause the easy populate file so big, but also make it impossible for people to search by model name. If people search AA149504, they get nothing. They have to search AA1495 to find the product.


So question is:

1. Is there a way to tell Easy Populate only download the attributes with individual product, do not download the attributes from other products?

2. Whether there is a way to allow buyer to search the whole model number and find the product by looking the model number + attribute number?


Thank you for reading my long post. Any help is appreciated. Maybe you know some contributions or sth to fix, can you please forward it to me?


If you have dealt with this problem before and know the solution, I am willing to pay you. Please pm me your quote.


Thank you.



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