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OSCommerce Templates, now what ? Help me please!


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I have been trying to set up a website now for ages and am going around in circles so I purchased OSCommerce templates to save time.


Problem is I can’t see the finished product on my computer - just files, some zipped and some RAR files – never heard of this type of file before either which hasn't helped. But still can’t view the product so still unsure what I have purchased, although the JPEG images of these alleged 51 templates look great! The guy who sold them to me doesn’t offer any after sales service, brilliant. :angry: :'(


Ideally I would like advice as to how can I view the templates as they would look when they go live? I intend to try and fit my store around the template so I can avoid too much coding and then just upload to my webserver once I am happy with how it looks, simple really. Is this possible and if so how?


BTW I have my domain name and a webhost, have dowloaded WINRAR, Notepad ++, Filezilla am I missing something here apart from the fact that I clearly don't know what I am doing. Knowledgebase and tutorials are not helping. In fact these are making matters worse.


Please, please, please help me get started. :thumbsup:


Thanks in anticipation.

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You should of received install instructions with your template. Just upload the files to your server and create a database.


Google "how to install oscommerce template"


If you follow the instructions you shouldnt have a problem.

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Would this be the package of 51 illegal templates that belong to template monster, yet are being sold by hundreds of eBay sellers etc? Hope you are not going to use any of them on a live shop?


You need to install a webserver on your home computer so that you can install oscommerce and then install a template. Google for XAMPP.

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