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Help Installing Contribution Quantity Controller 5.1


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I am new to OSCommerce and am building an online store which sells e-learning courseware and I would like to give volume user license discounts so I downloaded Quantity Controller 5.1 which I hope will work out for this.


I have never installed a contribution before though. How do I go about installing a contribution? I have all these php files now but how do I link them up to my current catalog?


Any help would be appreciated...thanks!

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If you read through the README file ... it will tell you where to place includes/require statments in the language files or application_top etc.


It also explains where to load the new files and the existing files.


The caution here is to be sure to backup everything first. Then you can either copy over your existing files with the new files, or the better solution is often to use a program like Beyond Compare to add the new changes.


Most all of the changes are marked with a // BOF: WebMakers.com Added: and a // EOF: WebMakers.com Added: so that you can see the changes made more readily.


Take your time and add in the new changes or over write your existing files carefully.


But most of all ... BACKUP! BACKUP! BACKUP! :shock:

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If you did not get this from my site, then you got the patch only.


Get the full v5.1 on my site and read the ReadMe.txt file in there. It also has all the code in there, too. 8)


Right now it is a bit too large and being updated so I have not loaded v5.1 in the contributions.

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Thank again Linda! I ran the DB Changes file and there was an error on one line:


ALTER TABLE products ADD products_quantity_order_min int(8) NOT NULL Default "1" AFTER products_ordered;


It says there is no column named "products_ordered" and when I checked the DB its right. Is this going to affect the mod greatly? Where should I put this change considering it doesn't exist in the database?


Thanks in advance!

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My products table for that point down looks like this:

products_ordered  int(11)   No  0  

  products_quantity_order_min  int(8)   No  1  

  products_quantity_order_units  int(8)   No  1  

  products_price_list  decimal(15,4)   No  0.0000  

  products_price_rebate  decimal(15,4)   No  0.0000  

  products_discount1  decimal(15,4)   No  0.0000  

  products_discount2  decimal(15,4)   No  0.0000  

  products_discount3  decimal(15,4)   No  0.0000  

  products_discount4  decimal(15,4)   No  0.0000  

  products_discount1_qty  int(6)   No  0  

  products_discount2_qty  int(6)   No  0  

  products_discount3_qty  int(6)   No  0  

  products_discount4_qty  int(6)   No  0  

  products_discounts_id  int(11)   No  0  

  products_priced_by_attribute  tinyint(1)   No  0  

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I tried installing the Quantity Controller 5.1 and my catalog won't even display now. I get a bunch of errors looking for files that don't exist. (i.e. breadcrumb, language files, etc.) Is this normal or am I missing something?



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