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SSL on heart internet


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I originally installed OS Commerce from the Heart Internet control panel (where I have a reseller account) selecting the option for SSL in checkout. This worked fine, but their install didnt seem to be working correctly. Sooo I downloaded the latest release from oscommerce and installed it manually.


However after configuring the SSl settings in config.php in the catalog and admin includes folders (by copying/modifying them from the "native" install), SSl doesnt work. I am still getting HTTP urls.


I would like to use the oscommerce install as opposed to the native Heart Internet version as I have done quite a bit of customisation and so on.


Does anyone know what settings need to be made apart from the config files.

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Activating SSL on osC doesn't make all the links HTTPS.


It only uses SSL when necessary, like account create/edit, login, & checkout for example.


If those are HTTPS, then it's working as it is designed to work.


If those links aren't HTTPS, look in the /includes folder where the config file for the catalog is. You'll find a folder named "local".


In this /includes/local folder, check to see if there is a configure.php file in there.


If there is, be sure it contains the proper information.


osC will use data from that file if it is present.

If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


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SSL Implementation Help


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Thanks germ, sorted it.


No config in local, just needed to put the full directory path in the config file.


Can only guess that part of the server side installation has an htaccess or some other forwarding method included in its set up routine.


Checkout onwards is SSL main store isn't.


Did ask Heart what was what but they wouldnt tell.

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