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Tracking Issues


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I'm having an issue.


Every time i load up a tracking script (both google analytics and another called 'atlas'), they report less orders than my mysql database shows...


i.e. for yesterday the analytics show 88 orders, while my mysql database reports 93 orders.

a few days ago it was 405 orders for the analytics but about 415 reported in the database.

the same situation, completely random variations in the amount of orders reported on both systems.


I'd love to think that the Javascript is disabled and hence why the object isn't getting run, but we have guards for that elsewhere to insure JS is enabled... so. It's fun, because i'm only missing around 3-10% of my orders on average... sometimes i'm spot on (about twice a month), and three times over the past 3 months the tracking scripts have given me more orders than the database counted...


It's on my checkout_success.php page (which obviously is the ire to some). If you need me to dispense any code for some analysis. i'll be more than happy to...

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