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XML probs


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I've created a script in tha aim to introduce our products on some comparison prices websites : Here


I can tranaslate all in french because I want to put it on french comparison price website, but it doesn't change the currency. So, the text is in french but prices still in GBP, how can I do to have euros prices ? look here !


!!! Help !!!

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first, expecting a reply within an hour or so is a little unreasonable - since it may take more than that for someone with the right knowledge set to get around to reading your posting and trying to assist you. :) please be patient and, if someone can help you, they generally will.


second, does the script that you wrote, xml_guide.php, make use of the currency and language get variables? just because you're specifying them when calling the script doesn't mean that it's just going to work. you have to check for the parameters and add the appropriate information to your select statements in order to get that to work. when i run it, i see gbp and english text with the url http://www.ketta.com/catalog/xml_guide.php...amp;language=fr so it makes me think that you're not making use of those parameters.

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Sorry, It's the first time I use this forum, forgive me if I appeared unpolite.


About the script, I didn't write it, I've found it on leguide.com, exactly here.


So I don't know if it makes use of the currency and language variables, and I don't know which parameters you are speaking about.


Can you/someone help me anyway ?



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