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Someone who's good with photoshop needed


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It is I once more. Trying to get by as well as I can. Luckily, I don't need much in the way of scripting, cuz hell, I had to figure a lot of stuff out by myself, and with help from a few very good people. who I appreciate.


right, well down to business (if i'm out of line at all, please, someone delete this topic)




I need someoen who's good with photoshop, A. for icons, B. for some side project. I don't know how much I can offer you in the way of payment. We can work something out, worse comes to worse, I do have my own server so if you need webspace and bandwidth as payment, that I can do. EASSSSSYYY.


The projects aren't large, and they aren't really that time consuming, what they require though, is a good understanding of photoshop. the ablity to extract certain shapes or images, and blend them with others so they look nearly flawless. If i could do it myself, I would.


Also, I need some OSC icons. For the shop itself. Like, for my account, etc. etc. etc. I never can seem to get any of them right. If you have artistic know how and don't feel like paying for your website for like a year or something, then PLEASE, look me up.


You can pm me or email me or whatever this thing allows, or respond to this topic cuz i think my pm box is way full and stuff.


anyhow, hope this is alright. btw, if you script and you wanna trade a few scripting services for web space, hahahah, don't hesitate to respond.


btw, is this topic alright? like i said, if it's not then delete it.




Happy Holidays.

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I am fairly good with adobe products all together. I do not mind helping out but I need to know what kind of time frame you are on because I do not have a whole lot of time due to other projects.


However if you send me an email telling me what you want and send me the files you have to use then I will work on it in my spare time. I might manage to put a few other things off to the side, just so I can take a break from them, working on the same site day after day gets agitaiting.


I don't really care for any payment of any type.


After you send the email I should be able to tell you how long it will take.


I think my email address is posted under my user profile.

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